Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reasons to love life

Life... there's days when it seems like too much to deal with. There are days when it feels like just another day. Another day of working, cleaning, paying bills, politics, reality t.v shows, killings, global warming, the list goes on and on.
But it's important to remember the little things in life that make you happy. Things that set an insignificant day apart from an amazing day. May it be finding the time to make a perfect dinner at the end of a long day, stripping down to soak in a bath with music and candles, a dance class you love, or writing that book you think you'll never finish. It's those little things that make life worth living. We all have 1, or 20 and it's important to make time for our hobbies, our reasons for loving life

  • dancing
  • making music
  • writing
  • painting
  • technology
  • traveling
  • volunteering
  • photography
There are many things I've dreamed of doing in my lifetime that i have not gotten around to yet. And there are things I've gotten the chance to do that I never thought could be possible. The possibilities of life are incredible, and are far more reachable than you would have thought. You just have to really want it. If you have dreams and goals, and hobbies then you should never, ever think negatively. You should always think of things as reachable, and if you haven't gotten to it yet, then so be it, but you will eventually. Don't put off the things that make you happy, make them a part of your reality, a part of your life. A healthy balance in life includes the things that keep you busy, keep you living, and not simply standing by and looking. Be passionate, live with purpose, have a dream, a goal, a reason to live. We can't all have a dream job, and a perfect life, the perfect partner, or a million dollars... but we do have the power to be happy. You decide how your day is going to be, not the events that happen through out the day. Take charge of your days, of your attitude, of your life. Choose to make your happiness a big part of your life.

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